The Slingshot Show is a challenge to think differently, live adventurously & join an ever-growing network of friends that are fearlessly pursuing their dreams. It will awaken you spiritually and help you find your tribe. 

SlingSHOT - Give up & DIE!

Doesn't sound encouraging but it might be the best thing that you could do. While at times it's best to push through and fight for what you're trying to other times, you've just got to let go, give up & die so that resurrection can happen. When we let go of what we think SHOULD happen, we open up our lives to what COULD happen and that's usually bigger, better & more satisfying than we could have ever planned or imagined on our own. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Episode 34 - Life Planning w/ Jonathan & Kirby

Episode 33 - LIVE from Engage in Fairfield, CA