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What's My Motivation?

What's My Motivation?

While I was recording How To Stay Motivated Pt. 1: FUEL, I figured it might be fun to take you on a little motivational tour of our house to highlight the stuff we've hung up that motivates us, inspires us and may lead some to believe that this home is definitely occupied by incredibly "eccentric" people. So, here it is... welcome to NeverLand.

Let's start in the kitchen. We all have fridges and we all go there quite often. Our fridge is filled with photos of people that send us photos, lots of adult coloring book pages, random pictures and quotes and a business card from a high-powered Hollywood media guy that gave WrassleRoos some free advertising all because I was wearing a Rowdy Roddy Piper shirt at a Baskin Robbins in Westwood. Every time I see that card, I am reminded how small the world is and that if you're open and unafraid to be who you are, you will always attract the right people at the right time.

There is also a simple question in BIG red letters. What is the ONE THING I need to accomplish today? Am I the only one who watches their to-do list grow instead of shrink? As soon as one thing gets done, three more pop up. Things can quickly get out of control and when then do, I usually head to the fridge to gaze into it's cool fluorescent light. This little reminder help me keep the proper pace and perspective in pursuing my passion. (Yeah, that's right... 5 words that start with P in the same sentence.)

There's an old school picture of Jesus T. Christ by our coffee accoutrement. It serves as a reminder of the tradition that I was raised in, the power of being an non-anxious presence and a way to ensure that we never forget the famous quote from Dr. Jim Clark, "Most depictions of Christ in art look like a transvestite with a headache." 

Kirby and I found these weird flash cards at Uncommon Objects in Austin, TX right before we moved to California. These two were right next to each and when we saw them, it really spoke to us. It perfectly captures how we have chosen to live our lives.  Father (aka The Divine) has inspired us to RUN (live free, pursue our dreams, etc) and HELP (love, care for and include others).

Kirby found this amazing artist on Etsy and had her paint several small pictures of some of the things that are very important to us. Reminders of the people, places and pastries that we love. (From left to right: a moose (that's what they called Kirby's grandfather), a beignet, a lemon (Kirby's got a thing for lemons), the skyline of Florence, Italy, a pink sprinkled donut, a little man hanging from a flying strawberry (why not!?), a crawfish, the Chuy's sign (the epitome of joy in queso form), the view from the oceanfront by our house, Kirby's grandparent's old house (her haven while growing up) and of course, DUGGIE!

That big happy guy in the picture with all the food is the late, great Chef Paul Prudhomme. I dare you to watch him make a roux and NOT immediately fall in love. This picture, along with his famous phrase "Good cooking. Good eating. Good loving." is prominently featured in our kitchen as a reminder of the importance of hospitality, our Cajun roots, the joy of cooking and eating. More importantly, this picture exudes abundance and reminds me to never let fear close my hands or my heart. There is always enough.

This is a really bad picture of a really great thing. It's an old iPod speaker. Nothing fancy but it fills our house with music and that is all that matters. You've gotta have the jam.

I've always been into pirates and their way of life. I've read alot of books and will probably write more about it later but this little ship is super cool reminder that we play by different rules and to live like a pirate means that you live "for today."

That picture there on the right is a bit of bedside shrine I suppose. There is meaning behind every thing up there. For instance, on that cork board is every pin that my company, Lapel Yeah has made to date. Every time I look at it I am reminded to go with my gut because this was just a random hunch that I had at the beginning of the year. It has now become the most successful business venture I've been involved with to date. These little action figures, random posters, pins and other tchotchkes might not seem like much but its all about the meaning that you attach to it. I won't draw this out any longer than necessary but I would like to point out a few items.

That right there is an "awesome jar." It's a jar filled with pieces of paper that Kirby and I write down all the "awesome" things that happen. I learned about this practice from Tim Ferriss (who learned it from an ex-girlfriend). Whenever something awesome happens, write it down, celebrate it and put it in the jar. When ever things are NOT awesome, it's a great reminder of how much we have to be grateful for. 

You've gotten this far without a single Pro-Wrestling reference... surprising right? Well there's plenty more to come. These two guys, Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes, are two of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Kirby is nice enough to let me hang these in our living room/office/dining room/etc. I could write thousands of words on why I love these guys. I'll spare you (for now) and just say this they both came from humble beginnings and grew to captivate a country.

The question isn't "Why do you have a 2-inch tall Stone Cold Steve Austin in a glass case?", the real question is "WHY DON'T YOU?"

I think y'all get the point by now, my house is full of this stuff. We post stuff on mirrors, bathroom cabinets, in the pantry. It is visual fuel like this that continuously reminds us who we are, why we are here and where we are going. 

Now go write yourself some notes and hang some stuff up on the walls! Thanks for reading. 

Tweet/Instagram me (@JonathanBowles) and use #MyMotivationalFue -- I'd love to see what helps to keep you moving forward.

Much love friends -- Have a great day!

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