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Thanks Obama!

Thanks Obama!

Dear Mr. President: 

I’m a not a political person. I am not knowledgeable about it at all. Any level of understanding that I have about politics and how the government works comes from watching House of Cards & regurgitating half-correct information I “learned” in middle school. I’m sure there are multitudes of American citizens that would read this letter and tear my thoughts, feelings and possibly me to shreds.

Before I go any further, I need to confess something. I didn’t vote for you. I wrote in my vote for Virgil Runnels Jr. - aka The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, a beloved pro-wrestler and common man. Do you watch wrestling? See what I mean? I’m not politically-minded at all. 

As far removed from politics as I normally am, during these past few weeks you have been on my mind and in “my world” quite a bit. I listened to your interview on WTF with Marc Maron. (It’s so cool that you actually went and recorded in the garage.) Then I watched your remarks from the Rose Garden about the Supreme Courts ruling on Marriage equality. Finally, I saw your powerful eulogy at the memorial for Rev. Pinckney in Charleston. You sang Amazing Grace –nice touch. However, I felt that the band was dragging behind a bit. Seeing all these things caused me to stop and think about my relationship to you, my president.

You are the first president that I feel has actually had a directly positive effect on my life. Maybe this is because your time in office has been my first “presidential experience” as an attentive adult or maybe it’s just the first time I’ve thought about it. Regardless, I’d like to express my gratitude for a few things that have had a positive impact on my life.

Thanks for hooking my wife Kirby and I up with that $8,000 first time home buyers credit. It allowed us to get our first house and we really loved living in it. We bought a fixer-upper, and with the help of our family, we were able to make it absolutely beautiful. We sold it for a considerable profit and used that money to start a non-profit & some small businesses.

Thanks for cutting our health insurance cost by a LOT! I know people really fought you on this one and some other president might come along and jack the price back up, but for now, we really appreciate it. We walked away from steady income to pursue our dreams, and we always had very expensive private health insurance. The lower price under the new health care act makes a difference in our bottom line. My wife especially thanks you for including maternity coverage so we don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars extra each month when we decide we want to start a family.

Thanks for evolving and growing on the issue of gay rights and marriage equality. We have evolved too. I don’t look at it as political pandering or waffling at all. It’s been over the past two presidential terms that my mind has changed on the issue as well. I think you’ve done a great job of moving the country forward in this area while still acknowledging the deeply held beliefs of every one involved.

Thanks for reminding me that hope and change are not destinations but pursuits. You used those words in your campaigns and people have criticized you pretty strongly for not “delivering” those things. When I heard you on Marc Maron’s podcast you answered those negative opinions pretty graciously and with a resolve that really inspired me. Hope and change aren’t things that can be delivered. Even when things I hope for become reality, I don’t want to stop hoping. Hope is a mindset I want to have every day. It’s expectation and excitement that keeps me moving forward. Even though I want it to, change doesn’t happen over night. I should never stop changing, evolving and growing. You seemed very peaceful and confident about your time in office because of your understanding of the true meanings of those words. I personally think you’ve done great, especially this second time around.

Thanks for being fun too. Maybe it’s just because the internet has exploded with great content during your time in office or maybe it’s because you really see the value in being human and having a sense of humor. You poked fun at yourself and others.

I think that’s about it. I hope you enjoy your last year in the White House. Have you already started planning some killer vacations for 2017? If you’re ever in the area, we have a cozy apartment in Santa Monica with a pull out couch and you can be on my podcast too if you want. I normally record in a closet but it’s pretty roomy if I move my wife’s crafting supplies out of the way. We’ll work it out. Hope to hear from you soon. 

Thanks Obama! No, really. I mean it. Thanks Obama.


Jonathan Bowles

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